Restore point ~ Oracle

Restore Points can be created either as a normal restore point or a guaranteed restore point. The difference between the two is that guaranteed restore point allows you to flashback to the restore point regardless of the DB_FLASHBACK_RETENTION_TARGET initialization parameter i.e. it is always available (assuming you have enough space in the flash recovery area).

Database is in OPEN mode and FLASH BACK enabled.

* Log as SYS:

* Create a restore point :
SQL>create restore point INITDB guarantee flashback database;

In case, you are required to Flash back to the created restore point, following steps need to be followed.

* Shutdown the database :
SQL> shutdown immediate

* Statup the database (mount) :
SQL> startup mount

*You can view the created restore point :
SQL> select * from v$restore_point;

* Flashback to the restore point
SQL> flashback database to restore point INITDB;
Flashback complete.

* You can view the created restore point :
SQL>select * from v$restore_point;

Note: Check my note on Oracle flash back.


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